We are proud to support entrepreneurs building impactful companies in the Digital Marketing, Advertising Technology, D2C/DTC and eCommerce spaces. Below are some of the companies we’ve invested in.

Arena logo 500x500
Arena.im is a Real-time Experience and Customer Data Platform (CDP) for consumer enterprises
Basepaws is a pet genetics company that developed the world's first at-home cat DNA test
Fixel is an AI based platform that improves advertisers' retargeting results by 300% on average
Leaders is a revolutionary technology-driven influencer marketing platform and agency
Playgorithm Acquired by Natural Intelligence
Providing publishers and brands with the power to create unique interactive content experiences
REIGNN exit 4
ReigNN is a programmatic monetization and content management platform for publishers
Machine learning based media acquisition platform
YOURSTORY is an innovative eCommerce startup primarily focused on a direct-to-consumer model (D2C)